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13.01.2018 - 22:23
Happy new year
(2 Replies)
Happy new year
Last post: painful
Board: sog.public
13.01.2018 - 22:23
04.04.2017 - 19:00
Overwatch 'cheat-m...
(1 Reply)
Overwatch 'cheat-maker' told to pay $8.6m to Blizzard
Last post: loki
Board: sog.public
04.04.2017 - 19:00
26.01.2017 - 18:11
Holland Trump
(2 Replies)
Holland Trump
Last post: Ninjaman
Board: sog.public
26.01.2017 - 18:11
06.11.2016 - 18:40
THQ Nordic buys al...
(5 Replies)
THQ Nordic buys all Novalogic IP rights.
Last post: loki
Board: news
06.11.2016 - 18:40

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Squad News  Shades of Grey: Unbeaten after 50 maps
Shades of Grey: Maps Played 50 - Maps Won 50.

Shades of Grey were reborn as a gaming squad at the end of March 2008. In the eight months since then, we have played 18 matches or scrims and won them all. In doing so, Shades of Grey have now played over competitive 50 maps as a squad without losing a single map in the process. There are many squads in the Nova gaming community, but very few can point to a matchplay record like this.

This week saw us reach the "50 wins" total after winning the first map of a TDM scrim against -aD- Squad. Not all our matches have been TDM matches, we have played TKOTH, TDM and CTF maps, playing 15 different squads and winning the Last Glory TKOTH Championship in the process.

Winning this many maps without loss has certainly been a team effort, 19 sog members have been involved at some point or other. Some people have played nearly every map, others only one or two. We have squad members who would have like to have played, but have been prevented by commitments to school, college, work or other things in "real life". Whether people played or not does matter, the record belongs to Shades of Grey as a whole.

As usual, we would like to thank all of the squads and players we have played against in the last eight months; we had fun, we hope you did too. Particular thanks go to those squads who have let us use their servers for some of these scrims, sometimes at very short notice.

Maps Played 50 - Maps Won 50: sog players taking part (in no particular order):

Netherlands Warp  United Kingdom Ninjaman  Ireland Tainted  Le Doinkeroo Norway Diesalot  Pluto United Kingdom Jenno 
Netherlands Devious  Sweden Dirkus  United Kingdom Longtime  Norway Mad badger  United Kingdom Renegade  Netherlands akar  Pepe
Painful Finland Killi  United Kingdom Storm  Norway Mesaan  & Belgium Typhoon 

Good games all, we look forward to the next 50 maps, and to Angel Falls in particular.

Links: n/a
written by Ninjaman - 21.11.2008 - 01:58


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#8 by 04.11.2015 - 19:23
Avatar   not available offline quote

The gross annual Electronic Entertainment Expo typically concentrates on the games key publishers hope consumers will either obtain or placed on their getaway wish lists in the arriving year. Whilst there's always a great amount of hardware, in the form of controllers, add-ons, and Personal computers, for the most part, this a show about software, not hardware.
xbox Microsoft
The exception is usually when a new game console is starting, and over the countless years I've attended the show, I have seen the launches with the Sega's Dreamcast; Sony's Ps 2,Nike Free Kaufen, PlayStation 3, and PSP; Nintendo's GameCube, Wii, and DS; and Microsot's Xbox and Xbox 360 console. That said, 2010 is the initial year with out a major living room system launch in which I've viewed almost all the attention focused securely on components rather than application.

Those that have made this year exclusive was the occurrence of the two Microsoft Kinect platform as well as the PlayStation Maneuver, as well as Nintendo's handheld 3DS console. We'd all noticed the Kinect (then known as Natal) and Move just before, but this is the official holidays kickoff pertaining to both, with finalized titles, details, and release dates.

Both equally motion control systems have their strengths and weaknesses, yet I thought that Kinect especially had promise for home entertainment control, and the PlayStation Approach provided the sort of precision and accuracy that core players would the majority of appreciate.
Yes, the Nintendo 3DS is literally padlocked to this presenter. Dan Ackerman/Libe Goad
The 3DS, in danger of being written off as a novelty in the era of me-too THREE DIMENSIONAL, was a astonishing success (at least inside the small dosages it was presented up to attendees), with eyeglass-free 3D that truly seems to work. When that's only a tiny personal screen for now, it makes those high-priced, cumbersome effective shutter THREE DIMENSIONAL systems seem like a much more challenging sell.

If the technology behind the 3DS stands up,Billiga Air Max, it's actually only a matter of time and scale just before consumers expect all types of 3D to not require glasses.

Although these fresh hardware devices were outstanding in person, they're all nonetheless a tough offer -- gaming console add-ons include traditionally certainly not succeeded (from the Sega 32X for the Xbox HD-DVD drive), and Nintendo supporters may have upgrade exhaustion after the DS, DS N?got, DSi, and DSi XL.

The 2nd major reason this year's E3 seemed it was all about hardware, was that the software mainly failed to make an impression. This still left the field wide open pertaining to the Kinect, Move, and 3DS to steal the demonstrate.

I've already detailed the above reliance on sequels and spin-offs, various on a swiftly accelerated production cycle to feed the need for annual merchandise installments. But , there were a small number of games in development found either on the program floor or perhaps behind closed door that made my personal must-play list (and certainly, most of them are sequels). In no particular order, they can be:

Rage (Bethesda/id): Despite some misgivings regarding the taking pictures first, tale second philosophy of the developers (who actually created Misfortune, Quake, etc . ), this was one of the more remarkable demos we saw in the tech area, and it also appeared as if a fun post-apocalyptic shooter.

Mafia II (2K Games): One of the only GTA-style open world video games shown this coming year. We've noticed it a couple of times before, and it continue to be impress using a 1950's take on urban offense and plenty of eye-catching period detail.

Crysis two (EA): We finally reached see the sequel to the vintage PC present shooter actually working on a PERSONAL COMPUTER (previously, there was seen it running on a console). The jungle establishing of the original got very tiring quickly,Billig Air Max, nevertheless the NYC setting of this game looks and feels very real -- especially while the MetLife building came up crashing in to Grand Central.

Dependence on Speed: Sizzling Pursuit (EA): Racing online games aren't usually top of the list for me, although this online-focused version permits you to play while either a police officer or a speeder, and this promises valuable integration with FaceBook and other social networking programs.

Garbled Metal (Sony): Another reboot of a traditional series, nevertheless one that might actually deserve it. This damage derby video game is best known due to its over-the-top personas, including a great evil ice-cream-truck-driving clown called Sweet Dental. The large-scale online multiplayer maps looked especially encouraging.

And, despite my own somewhat severe words regarding sequels, rest assured that Things of War 3, Useless Space 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Halo Reach all viewed and played as expected, and fans of the previous video games in these series won't be disappointed.

Arizona -- A North Arizona institution district's

OF DETROIT -- A Of of ... of her children and stor


LOS ANGELES -- A perso... a girl gunned straight d

the school's principal

#7 by 04.11.2015 - 19:10
Avatar   not available offline quote

Verizon, the biggest U. S. portable carrier, is likely to be going to dump its unrestricted data program in favor of tiered pricing. To do so , the corporation would be pursuing rival AT& T,Nike Free Sverige, even more closely aligning costs with consumer data usage.
Within an interview with Bloomberg Media, John Killian, Verizon's key financial expert, said the corporation will "probably need to replace the design of the pricing in which it will not be entirely unlimited, flat rate. "

Continue to unclear is when the new plan switches into effect but Killian wonderful cohorts in Verizon certainly believe they will sell consumers on obtaining in: he says that Verizon's 4G network will provide ten-times faster info rates than older systems. A Wall Street analyst quoted by Bloomberg had this right: the greater bandwidth offered, the more quickly it's going to receive consumed.

"From Verizon's perspective, not what you want is for an additional generation of shoppers to be conditioned to the idea that info is always going to be uncapped, " stated the expert, Craig Moffett, analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. in New York.

AT& T the other day did apart with its infinite data program. In its stead, a two-tiered data pricing schedule. Yet like AT& T, Verizon will now need to rebuff likely consumer issues with making it more pricey for people to use mobile applications. Killian will not expect buyer blowback,Air Max Kaufen, in fact , he desires smartphone users eventually could make up many of these of Verizon's customers, up from the current 17 percent.
If you want a standard of comparability, customers whom use AT& T's DataPlus planl today pay $15 a month to get 200 megabytes of data and $15 for every additional 200MB over their particular quota. That they pay $25 under the DataPro plan, which usually entitles these to 2 gigabytes of data and an additional $12 for each extra 1GB. The other takeaway: Verizon clients who use smartphones like the Droid are gobbling up data -- between 600 to 800 megabytes monthly,Nike Free, according to Killian. What a potentially bullish harbinger for the variety companies that offer services pertaining to mobile users.

"' he said.


authorities explained.

inches said Jon Walker

new exploration shows.

#6 by 04.11.2015 - 18:48
Avatar   not available offline quote

John Martorano, admitted fantastic for reputed Boston mob boss Wayne "Whitey" Bulger CBS Media

(AP) BOSTON - An ex-hit man who admitted eradicating 20 persons insisted Wednesday that this individual told regulators the truth when he implicated reputed mob supervisor James "Whitey" Bulger in 11 of the slayings, nevertheless he known lying in the past, including to his good friend just before he shot him in the head.

PICTURES: Pistols and Money: Whitey Bulger evidence

ONLINE VIDEO: The Punish: John Martorano speaks with 60 Minutes

John Martorano is one of three former Bulger loyalists who consented to cooperate with prosecutors and testify against Bulger in his racketeering trial. Bulger, the reputed former mind of the typically Irish-American Winter Hill Company based in Southern Boston, is definitely accused of playing a task in nineteen killings during the 1970s and '80s.

In Wednesday, Martorano's third time on the witness stand, this individual endured a stinging cross-examination by Bulger attorney Hank Brennan, who have repeatedly questioned his truthfulness and his reasons in testifying against Bulger.

Martorano insisted that this individual told prosecutors the truth about the role of Bulger and his partner, Sophie "The Rifleman" Flemmi, in various killings, but Brennan suggested that Martorano was a persistent liar whom fabricated or perhaps exaggerated Bulger's involvement thus he could get a reduced sentence in your essay for his own criminal activity.

Martorano dished up 12 years in prison following he slice a deal with prosecutors and agreed to state against Bulger.

Brennan raised the 1982 killing of John Callahan, a Boston businessman who have Martorano identified as a close good friend.

"You actually lied on your best friend Jon Callahan just before you murdered him, " Brennan stated.

"Correct, inch Martorano responded.

"To me personally that was a necessity, inch the ex-hit man stated. "I could not tell him I wanted to blast him. inch

Brennan as well pointed out incongruencies between what Martorano told investigators back in the 1990s and what he told jurors in Bulger's trial recently,Nike Free Schweiz.

Martorano recognized that he originally advised investigators that Flemmi was sitting following to him in a car and fired shots by James "Spike" O'Toole as he stood behind a mail box on December. 1, 1973. O'Toole was killed as they had shot and wounded Flemmi's brother.

Flemmi was a fugitive concealing in Montreal at the time of the shooting.

"It was somebody else in the back seat,Air Max, certainly not Flemmi, " he said. "I is at error and corrected this. "

Jurors were displayed photos of the mailbox riddled with bullets, along with images from seven various other killings, exhibiting shot-up vehicles with shattered glass and blood noticeable on the car seats.

Assistant U. S. Attorney Fred Wyshak tried to restore Martorano inside the eyes of jurors. Wyshak went through 14 murders and asked him if this individual and Bulger were involved with each. "Correct, " Martorano replied whenever.

Bulger, now 83, was one of the FBI's most desired fugitives if he fled Boston in 1994 after getting tipped to an upcoming indictment by past FBI Agent John Connolly. He was finally captured in Santa Monica, California,Billiga Air Max, in 2011.

Prosecutors say Bulger was a longtime FBI informant who was protected by simply Connolly and other agents inside the Boston workplace. Bulger's lawyers deny that he was a great informant and say this individual paid FBI agents to warn him about inspections of him and his gang's illegal activities, including bookmaking, extortion and loan-sharking.

Full coverage from the Whitey Bulger case in Crimesider

About fourty people

Doctor Markus C


Colorado -- A great 8-...2 weeks after a dangerous

#5 by 04.11.2015 - 18:42
Avatar   not available offline quote

iStockphoto (MoneyWatch) Even though college prices are meaningless, slightly more than half of U. S. family members are ruling out universites and colleges based on posted prices,Nike Free Schweiz, according to a new College Panel survey.

Several 58 percent of pupils from lower-income families and 62 percent of those from middle-income skills are likely to get rid of schools by contention centered simply upon price. In contrast, 48 percent of well-off households crossed colleges off their list because of selling price.

Regardless of the stubborn idea that price-tags matter, two-thirds of learners who go to private and public colleges in this nation receive some type of tuition break. At private institutions, eighty five percent of students obtain an institutional scholarship or grant.

Locating a college's true price

What's disheartening about Americans' misconceptions about college costs is that there is a valuable tool available to support families appearance beyond individuals irrelevant label prices. Practically a year ago, every colleges and universities that participate in the federal financing program (and that's nearly all of them) had been required to present so-called net price calculators on their websites.

These calculators have the prospect to be innovative because they are producing college prices transparent the first time. They can encourage families for making smart decisions about which in turn schools will probably be affordable and which will be financial disasters.

As I stated in a post about net price calculators this summer,Air Max Günstig, this online tool allows father and mother to obtain a personal estimate of what a particular college or university will definitely cost long before students ever applies. I desire parents not to allow their very own teenagers to finalize a college list right up until they have used the cost calculator for each college.

According to the College Table study,Air Max Sverige, however , only 35 percent of students reported using any kind of online financing calculator. Exceeding 50 percent of students lording it over out educational institutions based on selling price, colleges need to do a much better work of allowing prospective learners know about the availability of these calculators.

Believe popping extra pain products can't injure

click here.

uk|Birmingham School of Economics

- A the southern part ...racted Peterson's receive

MIAMI -- Federal prosecutors

#4 by ???????? 05.03.2009 - 05:44
Avatar   IP: saved quote

Streak will end soon, good luck.

#3 by rUsh 26.11.2008 - 10:02
Avatar   Netherlands offline quote

Congrats Sog. may it be More wins smiling

#2 by Lupardi Clanmember 25.11.2008 - 17:17
Avatar   Netherlands Homepage offline quote

Congrats on the 50 wins in a row sog...or should i say 50g? smile

#1 by Storm Clanmember 22.11.2008 - 11:37
Avatar   United Kingdom Homepage offline quote

Nice record there, congratulations all, long may it continue : )

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